Analogs of Levitra

Levitra that is also called vardenafil has several analogues: Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil). All of these drugs are used in violation of the functions of the reproductive system, particularly erectile.

How do they work Analog?

This group of drugs is an inhibitor of an enzyme that inhibits the expansion of blood vessels in the penis, which is why there is a weakening of erection. Levitra and Viagra as a whole are similar in their characteristics, but Cialis has some structural differences.

The main and the only difference between these drugs is that Levitra will be absorbed by the body more quickly than others, and Cialis -long out of it. It can be concluded that the effectiveness of drugs that block enzyme PDE-5 is the same; some will give the effect earlier, while others will hold it longer.

Analogs of Levitra

Analogs of Levitra

Historically, these drugs for the first time have started to receive people who suffer from impotence. Thanks to the prescription from a doctor, sexual life is getting better not only in impotents but also in those who suffering from neurological disorders, diabetes and side effects of antidepressants.

Sometime later, the demand for analogue Levitra — Viagra has grown considerably. Doctors write prescriptions to anyone with ease. Later began to appear a lot of online pharmacies offering a medicine for impotence without a doctor’s prescription and with delivery.

Levitra and its analogues are in demand by all who doubt in their sexual abilities, regardless of the circumstances. Firms producing the medicine also emphasized that the effect does not deteriorate when taking food or alcoholic beverages.

Levitra with its analogues are effective in 80% of cases. However, Levitra is more popular, due to the fact that it takes effect at smaller doses. This reduces the severity of side effects, but the doctors forbid the use of these drugs in case of problems with the heart and blood vessels, as well as the people who have suffered a stroke.

There are also and side effects. Levitra and Viagra may worsen the color sensation.

There is one, exciting for all themes — how drugs interact with food and alcohol? Many people know that Viagra will have its effect faster on an empty stomach. But even if you will have a meal, the effect will come through more time. Cialis and Levitra safely combined with alcohol. But it is important to know that excessive alcohol consumption is a cause of impotence.

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