Lozol (indapamide)

Medication Lozol is a diuretic that belongs to a group of diuretics known as Indapamide, which is thiazide-tupe diuretics prescribed to treat hypertension, or high blood pressure. To date the original brand name Lozol was discontinued, but its generics are available under doctor’s prescription, it has form of tablets with two different quantity of active ingredient: Lozol 1.25 mg and Lozol 2.5 mg.

High blood pressure is dangerous for the cardiovascular system, the longer it lasts the greater damage can be done to the functioning of blood vessels of brain, heart and kidneys, it also may lead to the development of cardiac failure and renal failure, or higher risk of heart attacks.

As well Lozol 1.25 is used to reduce water retention and to enforce urine flow. And remember, that this diuretic can be only prescribed by doctor. But before the patient should inform doctor about any allergy he may have towards this particular Lozol medication or its ingredients. Meanwhile there were a number of clinical studies regarding efficacy and safety profile of Lozol dosage among adult patients, nothing is known about its action among children, therefore it is not advised to use it in the group below 18 years old. The most common Lozol side effects among elderly patients are dizziness, nausea, and even increase in potassium excretion. To date there are no adequate evidences regarding Lozol drug impact on pregnant women, but usually doctors prefer to avoid prescription of this particular diuretic for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Side effects and interaction with other drugs

According to the information from Lozol manufacturer, this diuretic can be combined with few other drugs but one should take into account that due to the hypokalaemia and hypomagnesiamia taking Lozol together with digoxin may lead to the increased toxicity of the latter. Some of additional side effects may include low blood pressure and even dehydration, impotence, headaches, rashes on the body, increasing levels of glucose and cholesterol. Lozol may worsen diabetes and gout, any presence of kidneys disease may interrupt diuretic’s action, liver diseases may lead to an sudden increase of Lozol in blood, which in turn leads to a higher possibility of side effects development.

How to take Lozol without increasing its level in urine after sleeping:

If you need to take one doze only daily, then take it in the morning after breakfast;

If you need to take more than one doze, then the last one should be taken not less than six hours before sleep.

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