Demadex (Torsemide) Drug Information

What is Demadex?

It is a loop diuretic and its main active ingredient is torasemide, that is why this particular medication can be named as Torsemide Demadex, too. Torasemide possesses diuretic, saluretic and some antihypertensive features. This drug increases diuresis, has some anti swelling action.

After peroral intake of Demadex drug the therapeutic effect of torasemide will be seen in two-three hours. Taken orally Demadex dose has a good absorbtion rate in gastro-intestinal tract, meanwhile peak concentration of torasemide in plasma can be observed in one-two hours after taking the medication. This diuretic has high rate of association with plasma proteins (approximately 99%) and bioaccessibility (up to 90%). Further the active component (torasemide) is being metabolized with synthesis of pharmaceutic not active metabolites and metabolites with weak pharmaceutic activity.

The excretion of Demadex medication is done by kidneys, and period of half-life is about three-four hours. It is also possible that Demadex will be excreted not only as metabolites but as initial form, too. The duration of the half-life period could be not significantly altered in presence of liver functioning impairment. Torasemide cannot be accumulated in the body, thus it is not excreted with hemodialisis and hemofiltration.

Indications for the Demadex use

  • Essential hypertension: Demadex pills with 2.5/5 mg of active ingredient;
  • Cardiac failure with edema: Demadex pills with 5/10/20 mg of active ingredient;
  • Severe form of renal failure with edema and hypertension, diuresis is not less than 200 ml a day, creatinine clearance is less than 20 ml in a minute: Demadex pills with 50/100/200 mg of active ingredient.

How to use demadex

First of all it is needed to be reminded that any Demadex dose should be taken orally, hence there is no Demadex iv. Patient can divide the tablets but is not allowed to chew them or to grind them. To get maximum therapeutic effect prescribed Demadex dosage should be taken in the morning together with breakfast. Usually daily Demadex dose is meant for one intake, but duration of taking the drug and needed dosage are only decided by doctor. It is normal do recommend to take 2.5 mg of diuretic a day for the patients with essential hypertension, but if in two months high blood pressure control is not good enough, then the initial dose can be increased up to 5 mg a day. This amount should not be exceeded. The initial Demadex dose for the patients with edema is 5 mg daily, but if necessary the Demadex 20 mg can be prescribed. For the patients with chronic renal failure initial dose is 20 mg and maximum dose should not exceed 200 mg. If Demadex is needed to be taken for a long time, then doctor should regularly control levels of electrolytes, lipids, glucose, creatinine and uric acid in the plasma.

Demadex side effects

Some of adverse effects of taking Demadex are cerebral and cardiac ischemia, sometimes with irregular heart rate, angina, syncope and acute myocardial infarction. Other rare cardiovascular side effects include development of blood clots, anemia, thrombocytopenia and leucopenia. Also there could be anorexia, nausea, vomiting, stool impairment, pancreatitis, dry mouth syndrome, increased activity of live transaminases, hypercreatininaemia, increased level of urea in plasma, urine retention, impairment water-electrolytes balance, metabolic alkolosis, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, rashes, angioneurotic edema, increased photosensitivity, tremor, hearing impairment and blur vision.


Main contradictions are individual hypersensitivity to any of Demadex components, as well because Demadex 20 mg has lactose so it is not recommended for patients with malabsorbtion glucose-galactose. It is worth to remember that Demadex can be prescribed only after correction of water-electrolytes correction.

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