Generic Silvitra (Sildenafil + Vardenafil)

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Coupons and Discounts

Generic Silvitra (active ingredient — Sildenafil and Vardanafil) new tablet safe Silvitra — this drug, as part of which is dominated by just two popular ingredient used to manufacture Viagra and Levitra.

Modern scientists regularly conduct research and introduce the latest developments in chemical preparations for increasing and maintaining male potency. The main purpose to cause and how to fix on a longer period of strong erection. One of these innovations and become drug Silvitra.

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Advantages of the drug

  • It felt the impact of the drug within 25 minutes after ingestion;
  • Silvitra enhances blood circulation in the pelvic organs;
  • Mild effect of the drug is almost no side effects;
  • Symbiosis of the two best active ingredients, can cope with even the most «neglected» diseases of the male;
  • Excitation mechanism is triggered only when a natural sexual stimulation;
  • Increased duration of erection 2-3 times;
  • Reduces the amount of time between sexual acts, that is already half an hour after intercourse man is once again ready to continue lovemaking.

Aphrodisiac Silvitra very popular among males, leading an active life and aspiring to sexual diversity.

Pharmacological action

Generic Silvitra (Sildenafil + Vardenafil) mechanism of action is not very different from standard formulations of the same series. The active substance acts as Vardenafil, the essential difference is only a better and enhanced formula of the drug, allowing to cope with more complex tasks. For example, the usual means of productively Silvitra in the presence of diabetes or cardiovascular disorders. The mechanism of action of the drug is increased blood flow to the reproductive system, due to the suppression of PDE5 and active release of nitric oxide in endothelial cells of the corpus cavernosum penis, which ultimately has a key impact on the appearance of potency.


The drug is prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction and improve the quality of sexual life. With two active substances, which increase blood flow to the penis, it helps to cope with Silvitra male problem caused by psychological factors, stress and fatigue, problems with the endocrine system and vascular disease.


  • stomach cancer and other cancers;
  • allergic to one or more active ingredients;
  • cardiac disease character;
  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • deformation of the sexual organs.

Side effects

The most typical negative manifestations resulting from the use of Generic Silvitra are considered to be a headache with symptoms of dizziness, in rare cases, fainting. A small percentage of men have used the drug noted redness of the face and neck and difficulty in nasal breathing. In rare cases, there diarrheal phenomenon, until the diarrhea. However, all of these manifestations were observed in no more than 5-7% of the cases, which is considered a standard value, characteristic of any drug.


At night you can eat no more than 120 mg of Silvitra (one tablet). Take the medicine on an empty stomach is better for half an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. Its effect is maintained for at least 24 -30 hours, if not abuse of fatty foods and alcohol.

Interactions with other groups of drugs

Silvitra (Sildenafil + Vardenafil), as well as other groups of drugs to enhance potency unacceptably used with nitrates. Poor preparation is combined with ritonavir, ketoconazole and blockers.