Atrovent: to prevent bronchospasm

This drug Atrovent eases off the airways muscles, the air enriches better the lungs.

Atrovent Uses

It cures the disease of respiratory system. Take it regularly to get the best effect. So you should remember about allergy reactions. In case of some or to one component of the remedy, ask for the specialist`s advice. Except losing a dosage, keep in mind, take this remedy according to the schedule but you mustn`t overuse it to take the losing dosage. It`s important not to touch the eyes, if it happened you must wash them thoroughly. While taking this remedy you must be cautious when you drive, you need maximum attention. In case of pregnancy or planning of it, feeding with breast you must consult with a medical adviser. The remedy can must be protected from fire, high temperature to except an explosion. A such high qualified remedy makes recover soon.

Brand(s): Ipratropium Inhalation Solution, Ipratropium Inhalation Aerosol, Atrovent HFA, Atrovent

Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

Clinic-pharmacological group: An anticholinergic

Composition, structure and packing: aspiration aerosol

Basic component: ipratropium bromide

Other components: HFA-134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane), sterilized water, dehydrated spirit, and waterless acid of citrus, excepts chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as propellants

The composition of the coating film: aerosol

Basic ingredient: ipratropium bromide. 12.9 grams — 200 aspiration bowl net weight.


Before using this remedy ask for your medical adviser`s advice to except overdosing, your disease complication. Follow the recommendations. You should shake it up afore every blow. You should breathe every puff through the mouth right for this remedy affecting, the eyes in protecting. You don`t cure with this medicine 6 days, so make 2 puffs, you don`t cure 7 days or more — 7 puffs.

Common start dosage reaches 2 aspirations, fourfold in a day — for adults.

Regular dosage is 1 — 2 blows thrice in a day with the same breaks — for 12 years — old kids and younger.

1 blow thrice in a day with the same breaks — for babies up to a year.

Up to 12 years you must have doctor`s permission.

Attention: the instruction is a survey. For the most effective action you should ask for the doctor`s advice before to use, read carefully the medicine instructions.


Our pharmacy is 24 hours opened. Our high qualified specialist advices you according your wish, helps to purchase drug you want. Overdose symptoms are few examined and often are presented as: quick heart beat not regular, dry mouth, vague seeing, sickness, stomachache, constipation, difficult passing urine. In case of suches symptoms, immediately call the medical adviser. Cool, dried, protected from sunlight and kids place — an ideal store for this remedy.

Side effects

Atrovent is a mighty and main corposant of the medicine. There are reactions of allergy: urticarial; hard breathe; face, lips, tongue, throat tumefaction. Fast, hitting heartbeat can be possible. Developed recently but already highly qualified Atrovent is of great request of patients.

Indications for use

It is an anticholinergic, this prevents bronchospasm, lungs narrowing airways, people bronchitis, emphysema, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). It decreases discharges from nose. Our pharmacy grants just qualified, clinically examined medicines Atrovent.


It`s always possible to use our online support pages which are free in case you need. They offer specifications of medicines, ways to pay, delivery. Susceptible people remark some reaction of allergy to this remedy, its composants. So you should prevent yourself from taking this medicine. It`s forbidden in case of allergy reaction to remedies based on atropine. Our pharmacy spreads Atrovent everywhere including America, Europe, Australia, other countries.

Where to buy?

Online or at pharmacy.