Tablets Allopurinol in the treatment

Allopurinol is a preparation from group of antigouty means, ksantioksidaza inhibitor. The preparation has impact on an exchange of uric acid in an organism.

Brand(s): allopurinol, substance, tablets 100mg, tablets 300mg

Manufacturer: Akrikhin of HFK (Russia), Borshchagovsky chemical and pharmaceutical plant (Ukraine), Vicher-Farm (Russia), Organic chemistry (Russia), Planteks Kemikals B.V. (Netherlands), Farmakon (Russia), Hafslund Nycomed Farma (Denmark)

Clinico-pharmacological group: hypoglycemic, antigouty. Inhibits a xanthine oxidase, breaks transformation of oxypurine into xanthene and xanthene — in uric acid. Lowers the maintenance of urate in serum of blood and prevents adjournment them in organism fabrics. Almost it is completely absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract. The maximum concentration is reached in 1,5 hours. The semi-removal period — 1-2 hours. It is removed by kidneys and through intestines.

Composition, structure and packing: Tablets Allopurinol on 10 pieces in the blister pack, in a cardboard pack is 3 or 5 blister packs.

Tablets Allopurinol on 50 pieces in bottles from polymeric materials, in a cardboard pack 1 bottle.

Basic ingredient: 1 tablet of a preparation Allopurinol 100 contains:

Allopurinol – 100 mg;

Other ingredients: excipients: sucrose (the granulated sugar refined) — 20 mg; potato starch — 77,68 mg; magnesium stearate (magnesium stearate) — 1 mg; edible gelatin — 1,32 mg

1 tablet of a preparation Allopurinol 300 contains:

Allopurinol – 300 mg;

Other ingredients: lactose monohydrate (sugar dairy) — 49 mg; MKTs — 20 mg; edible gelatin — 5 mg; magnesium stearate — 4 mg; silicon dioxide colloidal (aero forces) — 2 mg


Inside, after food. The patient with small expressiveness of symptoms of gout appoint in 200-300 mg/days; the patient with heavy gout having — 400-600 mg/days. The daily dose can be divided into 2 receptions or is accepted in one stage; the doses exceeding 300 mg are accepted fractionally (at emergence of side effects from a gastrointestinal tract). The minimum effective dose — 100-200 mg/days, maximum — 800-900 mg/days.

For decrease in risk of an exacerbation of gout treatment is begun with small doses — 100 mg/days with weekly increase by 100 mg (before decrease in the content of uric acid in plasma to 6 mg/dl).

For the prevention of a nephropathy at chemotherapy of malignant diseases of blood during the first 2-3 days appoint 600-800 mg/days and recommend plentiful consumption of liquid.

At the stones recurring in kidneys patients — 200-300 mg/days; at HPN the dose is reduced: at KK of 10-20 ml/min. — the maximum dose of 200 mg, 10 ml/min. — 100 mg, less than 3 ml/min. — an interval between reception of 100 mg of 36-72 h.

To children till 6 years — 5 mg/kg/days, from 6 to 10 years — 10 mg/kg/days, of 15 years appoint at the rate of 10-20 mg/kg/days or 100-400 mg/days. Adequacy of a dose is estimated in 48 h, frequency rate of reception — 3-4 times per day. At the expressed HPN — 100 mg/days or 100 mg with an interval more than 1 day. Elderly patients are recommended to appoint the lowest doses.

At addition of an allopurinol to uricosurico PM its dose gradually increases, and the uricosurico of PM decreases. During treatment it is necessary to provide daily diuresis not less than 2, to support urine pH at the neutral or alkalescent level.


Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Treatment: symptoms of intoxication decrease due to increase of a kidney excretion of an allopurinol and its metabolites at plentiful consumption of liquid and corresponding strengthening of diuresis. In clinical conditions it is possible to apply a dialysis.

 Side effects

Violation of functions of various systems of an organism can become the result of application of this medicine. For example, there can be digestion violations generally connected with disoperation of a liver. Also, nervous or endocrine systems, system of blood, integumentary fabrics sometimes suffer. Including, there can be violations of sight, a spasm, thrombocytopenia, impotence, diabetes and so on. From a urinary system hypostasis, emergence of blood in urine and so on can be observed. Cases of an allergy to a preparation are described.

Indications for use:

  • gout;

    treatment of primary hyperuricemia;

    treatment of the secondary hyperuricemia connected with blood diseases;

    prevention and treatment of the secondary hyperuricemia developing at radio — and/or chemotherapy of leukemia, a lymphoma and other malignant diseases;

    prevention and treatment of a hyperuricemia.

    Contraindications: Hypersensibility, the expressed renal failure, pregnancy and lactation.

Where to buy?

You can buy allopurinol as in conventional pharmacy and on the Internet. It is available by prescription.