Mobic: for people who experience Arthritis

About medicine Mobic

One of the NSAIDs, which is applied to treat inflammations, fever, to relieve pain, is Mobic. It is a good remedy for people who experience Arthritis.

Mobic Medicine

Mobic Medicine

Brand(s): Vivlodex, Mobic, (Meloxicam).

Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim, (Apotex Inc, Breckenridge Pharm, Aurobindo Pharma, Cipla Ltd, Carlsbad, Dr Reddys Labs Inc, Puracap Pharm, Lupin Pharms, Strides Pharma, Glenmark Generics, Taro, Mylan, Sun Pharm Inds Inc, Teva Pharms, Zydus Pharms USA, Unichem).

Clinico-pharmacological group: NSAID.

Composition, structure and packing: Mobic looks like white round pills with a big bold letter “M”.

Basic ingredient: Meloxicam.

Other ingredients: One of them is sodium citrate dehydrate, then it is crospovidone with magnesium stearate. Then lactose monohydrate follows. Additional ingredients of these pills are colloidal silicon dioxide with povidone. Other components are microcrystalline cellulose.


The particular amount of this remedy a patient can know during a physician consultation. Remember: every separate case, every disease demands particular amount of the remedy.

Usually a doctor prescribes a low dose to use for the first time and then makes the dosage bigger. The first dose is a pill (7.5 mg) per day. Then the amount is enlarged to 15 mg that is taken one time a day. This therapy is suitable for people with osteoarthritis/ RA. For people suffering JRA 0.125 mg per 1 kilo taken once daily is enough. The dose may become larger; its maximum for this disease is 7.5 mg.


Cases when a patient feels after taking a very large amount of the remedy bad are rare.

If he/she uses up to 11 times higher dose, his/her health is out of danger. He/she will recover. If there is too much medicine in organism, a patient might feel nausea and vomit, suffer lethargy, may be drowsy. Experience of epigastric pain is possible. Sometimes such symptom as gastrointestinal bleeding may be experienced.

If an overdose is very high, such worsening of health as hypertension, respiratory depression, acute renal failure can occur as well as hepatic dysfunction. Serious consequences of large intake are coma/cardiac arrest/ convulsions/ cardiovascular collapse. Possibility of Anaphylactoid reactions exists.

Side effects

There are several groups of bad consequences caused by ingestion the remedy.

Sores — canker sores, gums may start to bleed, blisters, ulcers, spots (white) in the mouth or on lips.

Changes in urine – blood in it, cloudy or dark. Moreover, urination might become more frequent or amount of urine may increase. Sometimes urination may cause pain or be difficult to do.

A patient may also feel as though he/she catch a cold or flu – chills, cough, sore throat, fever, hoarseness.

Breathing – labored/ difficult/ irregular/ noisy one, wheezing. Tightness in chest or heaviness in it may also occur.

Pain in arms, jaw or back, stomach, upper abdomen (burning one for the last two organs), head, joint, muscles

Size of organs — neck veins may dilate, bloating, swelling of different organs, swollen glands

Skin – itching, welts, discoloration, redness, hives, spots (pinpoint red or purple), sunburn, blister, cold/ yellow/ clammy/ scaly skin, rash, skin loosening, cracks

Vision – blurred, yellow eyes.

More general effects – feeling dizzy, weak or tired, experiencing lightheadedness and faintness or seizures. Nausea can occur and last quite a long time. A patient may vomit (sometimes with blood or liquid looking like coffee grounds).

Changes in the health condition of digestive systems – tarry/ light-colored/ bloody/ clay-colored/ black stools, loss of appetite, watery or bloody diarrhea

Cramping, pounding in the ears, sweating may occur. Legs, feet may shake and hands, arms may do it too. A patient may notice that he/she starts to get bruises or bleedings very easily/ in an unusual way. Weight can also change during the therapy: a patient may lose it or gain. The pulse might be weak or become fast. A body may lose heat. Blood pressure, thirst and sensitivity to sunlight (skin) may increase. Unpleasant breath odor may appear

The list can be prolonged. Be careful while taking the medication and tell your physician if you notice something strange in your health condition.

Indications for use: Osteoarthritis is one of the conditions when Mobic is used. The same is for Rheumatoid Arthritis. It can be prescribed to treat JRA (kids who are older than 2).


Patients who are with hypersensitivity to the main component of Mobic cannot take the remedy. The ingestion is impossible for people with asthma, allergy on NSAIDs, allergy on aspirin urticaria.

CABG surgery is another contraindication for the intake of the medication.

Warn your physician about remedies you use and about other diseases you have. It is important thing because some patients cannot use the medicine with other remedies or should be very careful during the ingestion of this medication.

Where to buy?

It is not very difficult to purchase this medicine. You can use a traditional way to do it – just ask it in a local drug store. Another mode to become a holder of the remedy is ordering on our web-site. This way is the best one if you want to get the medication quickly and at a low price.