Controlling human immunodeficiency virus infection by Retrovir

Retrovir is a medicine used for controlling human immunodeficiency virus infection. The capsules are antiviral. They also can be used for preventing pregnant women from infecting unborn children.

Brand(s): Retrovir

Manufacturer: ViiV Healthcare

Clinico-pharmacological group

Antiviral medication. Affects the HIV virus by blocking its reproduction.

Composition, structure and packing:

  • Capsules

Basic ingredient:

  • zidovudine, 100 mg

Other substances:

  • Sodium, corn, cellulose.

The composition of the coating film:

Iron oxide, edible gelatin, shellac.

Basic ingredient:

100 mg zidovudine


Consult with the specialist before starting the therapy course of Retrovir to avoid overdose and complication of the decease. Usually the directed dose is 100 mg every four hours daily or 300 mg two times of each day in combination with other recommended drugs. The drug’s dose must be measured according to age and medical indications of the patient. Patients aged from 4 weeks to less than18 years must be paid special attention.

The dose for children weighing more than 4 kg but less than 9 is 24mg/kg/d divided into two times daily as a part of the combining therapy.

The dose for children weighing more than 9 but less than 30 kg is 18 mg/kg/d divided into two times daily a part of the combining therapy. The maximum daily dose must not be over 600 mg.

The dose for adults and children weighing more than 30 kg is 500-600 mg daily divided into two times daily a part of combining therapy.

Patients who are older than 65 must take the medicine carefully because of increasing dysfunction of kidneys and possible changings of peripheral blood indicators. Such patients should receive medical treatment under high supervision of specialists.

In case of dysfunction of kidneys, the dose must be 300-400 mg every day. According to peripheral blood indicators the dose might need regulation.

To prevent the unborn child from getting infection pregnant women are recommended to start taking 500 mg of medicine every day beginning with 14 weeks of pregnancy. Starting with 36 weeks’ doctors are recommended to prescribe 600 mg daily.

The medication is commonly used as a combination with other medicines for achieving positive effects. Retrovir’s effect is helping the immune system to work better, other drugs work at the same way as a part of the therapy.


No specific symptoms were found during experiments. Contact your specialist quickly if you experience dizziness, tiredness or headache.

Side effects

Retrovir is not a cure but controlling for virus. However, it also must be taken carefully and under the doctor’s supervision.

Increasing production of erythrocytes and leucocytes. Some of the side effects might appear if you use Retrovir combining it with other medications which cause the same side effects.

  1. Myopathy
  2. Lactic acidosis which might be lethal.
  3. Long-term liver problems
  4. Rash
  5. Insomnia
  6. Increased levels of cholesterol
  7. Indications for use:
  8. HIV-infection


The medication has to be taken carefully in case the patient has certain problems such as dysfunction of kidneys, severe liver and blood deceases. Before starting the treatment course inform your physician about your medical problems and whether you have got any other deceases. Warn the specialist if you have ever had pancreatitis or decreased level of the blood cells. You might need some laboratory tests to check your red and white blood cells. If you have got these conditions, you might not be able to take Retrovir.

Where to buy

Retrovir can be bought in the pharmacy or ordered online. The medicine can be cheaper using coupon or discount card.