Pamelor: the most important and detailed information, photos and videos

Pamelor Uses

Pamelor helps to treat all types of depression, mania and depressive-apathetic syndromes. This drug is manufactured by a global specialty biopharmaceutical company – Mallinckrodt. Mallinckrodt has been developing innovative and high-quality pharmaceuticals for people for 150 years. Its drug Pamelor belongs to the group of tricyclic and has become well-established drug on the market. It is better to buy this drug on prescription of your doctor. Therefore, before buying Pamelor consult your specialist and follow doctor’s instructions.

Brand(s): Pamelor.

Manufacturer: Mallinckrodt Inc., Ireland, USA.

Clinico-pharmacological group: Pamelor is tricyclic antidepressant.

Composition, structure and packing: Pamelor is come in capsules. Capsules include active ingredient: 10 milligrams, 25 milligrams, 50 milligrams and 75 milligrams. Color of the capsules depends on amount of basic component in the drug. If it is 10 milligram or 25 milligrams, capsule is painted with white and orange color. If the capsule includes 50 milligram of Nortriptyline – color is white. If the drug consists 75 milligram of major component in one capsule – the capsule is printed with orange color. As usual, one package includes 30 pills.



Basic ingredient: The basic component of Pamelor is nortriptyline hydrochloride.

Other ingredients: Other components of Pamelor are:

silicone fluid;


The composition of the coating film: Shell of the capsule comprises of titanium dioxide and gelatin.


Pamelor is recommended only for adults. It should be taken by mouth. Proper dosage amount should be determined by your doctor. Therefore, consult your expert before the intake of this medicament. As usual, average dose is 25 milligrams for one intake. You should take this medicine 3-4 times a day. The highest dosage amount is 150 milligrams a day. If you want to avoid drastic consequences, refrain from taking more than the maximal dose.


If you think that you have taken the drug more that it is necessary – immediately notify and see your specialist. Overdose symptoms are: pain in the chest, changing in heartbeat, faint and general weakness. In order to avoid overdose you should not take Pamelor more than 150 milligrams / day.

Side effects

In case of taking Pamelor a person can get next side effects: drowse, allergy, cardiac arrhythmia, nausea, vomiting, extrapyramidal symptoms, lassitude, acne and rash, swimming of the head, headache, biliousness, uncleared bowels, accommodation disorder, dry mouth. If you have one or more symptoms which are above-mentioned – stop taking the drug and visit your doctor soon.

Indications for use

Pamelor treats all types of endogenous depression, mania, involution depression, depressive-apathetic syndrome. Before beginning of the treatment with this drug – see your doctor.

Contra indications

Intake of Pamelor is absolutely forbidden for people, who have myocardial infarction and suffer from suicidal depression. Also the drug should not be taken if a patient has allergy to any component of the medicament. Do not use the drug two weeks before, at the same time and two weeks after treatment with monoamine oxidase inhibitors. It is better to visit your doctor and if the specialist says that Pamelor is counter-indicative for you – do not begin to take it.

Where to buy?

You can consult your doctor and ask where you can buy this medicament. Pamelor is widespread, thus, you can buy it at any pharmacy. If your city has no this medicament on the market – you always can make an order online on the special pharmaceutical sites.