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Luvox (fluvoxamine)

Luvox is the drug which treats depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders. This medicament belongs to the group of antidepressants. It was developed and manufactured by American pharmaceutical company -ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc. This company is one of the leaders in the specialty pharmaceutical industry. It produces high quality medical products. Luvox has been clinically tested and won confidence of the quality. You can find this drug at pharmacy or on the special sites in the Internet. Before taking this medicine – consult your specialist. Always follow doctor’s prescription and be careful. Read instructions and be made aware of contra indications and side effects.

Luvox (fluvoxamine)

Luvox (fluvoxamine)

Brand(s): Luvox.

Manufacturer(s): ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA.

Clinico-pharmacological group: Luvox helps to cope with depression as Luvox is a part of antidepressants. This antidepressant belongs to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Composition, structure and packing: Luvox comes in 50 milligram and 100 milligram tablets. The tablets are white color, film-coated and scored.

Basic ingredient: Active component of this medicament is fluvoxamine. This ingredient restores the balance of serotonin in the brain of human.

Other ingredients: Luvox comprises of next other ingredients:

  • Talc;
  • Maize starch;
  • Sugar spheres;
  • Manitol;
  • Hypromellose;
  • Ammonio methacrylate copolymer (B);
  • Sodium stearylfumarate,
  • Dibutyl sebacate.

The composition of the coating film: Film-coating of Luvox includes next inactive components: talc, red iron oxide, gelatin and titanium dioxide.


Dosage amount depends on disease. Proper dosage is determined by your specialist. Do not self-medicate for the avoidance of overdose and side effects. At first time, it is recommended to take 50-100 milligram of Luvox a day. Then daily dose can be increased to 200 milligrams. Maximal daily dose is 300 milligrams. If you take large dose – it is better to divide the drug into a few intakes. Duration of treatment depends on many factors. Only doctor can decide when a patient should stop taking this medicament. However, after stopping of intake of the drug, you should take Luvox for prophylactic use.


In the event of overdose a patient can face with drowse, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, the swimming of the head, dry mouth, increase or decrease in arterial blood pressure, shivering, convulsions, coma and renal failure. In order to treat a person faced with overdose – you should induce vomiting, do the stomach lavage and take recovered carbon. Do not make a dialysis. If you think that you have taken more than you need – visit your specialist who will render a help.

Side effects

According to the American experiment and its statistics – almost ¼ of people from 1,000 people have got the side effects after intake of Luvox and they had to refrain from taking this medicine. During treatment a patient can face with next after-effects: swimming of the head, insomnia, headache, drowse, asthenia, agitation, nervousness, anorexia, vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, abdominal pains, upset stomach, diarrhea, chest infection, chills and fever, irregular pulse, diminished sexual libido and anorgasmia. As usual, this drug does not occur serious allergy. It has been clinically tested and won confidence of the quality. If you face with mentioned side effects – visit your doctor for the avoidance of complications of disease.

Indications for use

Luvox is the drug which is prescribed for people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorders. This medicament is also used for preventive measures. Indications for use can be anxiety, general weakness and different types of depression. Do not self-medicate and do not take this drug without doctor’s prescription. Only specialist can determine should you take Luvox or not.

Contra indications

Before you begin using this medicament – consult your specialist and follow his or her instructions and prescriptions. Luvox is forbidden for people who have serious renal disease and hepatic disorders. Children, who are younger than 8 years old, cannot take this medicament too. It is good practice to refuse from taking this medicine during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also refrain from taking Luvox in case of diabetes mellitus and epileptic seizure. Do not take Luvox and monoaminooxidase inhibitor at the same time. Allergy to any component of the drug is the reason to forget about taking this medicament too. People who have mania, myocardial infarction and drug dependence should be careful.

Where to buy?

Luvox is famous drug which is used for treatment different types of depression and mental disorder. Therefore, this drug is available in many countries. You can buy it at pharmacy. If pharmacies in your city have not got this medicament on the market – you can make an order online on special sites. Sometimes it is even cheaper to place an order in the Internet. It can help you save money. Also you may consult your specialist who will give you counsel.