Vantin and infections of respiratory system, ears, throat, skin

Vantin antibiotic

Vantin is an antibiotic which belongs to cephalosporin group. It is used for treating infections of respiratory system, ears, throat, skin, anorectal infections caused by bacteria. It might be administrated to treat other deceases, not given in this article.

Vantin antibiotic

Vantin antibiotic

Brand(s): Vantin

Manufacturer: Pfizer

Clinico-pharmacological group:

Cephalosporin antibiotic

Composition, structure and packing:

Tablets, film-coated

Basic ingredient:

100-200 mg Cefpodoxime

Other ingredients:

talc, magnesium stearate, sodium, propylene glycol, titanium dioxide

Basic ingredient:

Cefpodoxime, 100-200 mg


Name of infection Dosage

For adults

Pharyngitis, tonsillitis 100 mg daily

Infections of the respiratory tract (sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia)

200 mg daily

Skin infections 400 mg daily

Infections of the urinary tract 100 mg daily

Uncomplicated gonorrhea 200 mg daily

For pediatric patients ( 2 month – 2 y.o)

Acute otitis media 200 mg daily

Pharyngitis and tonsillitis 100 mg daily

Acute maxillary sinusitis 200 mg daily

Take Vantin with food for an effective work. Do not take extra doses if you missed the time.

Do not start the therapy without a doctor’s prescription. The dosage and the treatment schedule may be different, as it must be measured according to your current state and your indications. Do not measure the doses yourself or double it in your treatment schedule to avoid overdose or side effects as the result of the overdosing. You may ask your doctor to show the dosage for specific recommendations. It is not recommended to take Vantin less than for 5 days, since this term is proven to be ineffective. Stick to your regimen exactly as it is administrated in order to reach the best results. Do not change the dose on your own or quit the therapy unless you are told to do so. To avoid the developing of drug-resistant bacteria, the medicine has to be directed only for treating infections that are known to be caused by bacteria.


Call for medical help immediately if you suspect having taken too much tablets. The signs of the overdose may be such toxic symptoms as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting.

Side effects

During some examinations about 5000 patients were treated with the recommended dose 100-400 mg daily. The medical trial did not result in any fatal cases, so Vantin was proven to be a well –tolerated antibiotic in general. However, about 180 people had to quit their medication, because of the reasons which were suspected to have been caused by Vantin. 52% of the patients did so because of complaints connected with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea. Most of the patients who suffered from the side effects were taking the bigger doses, than it was administrated; the dose in 800 mg was much more different from the needed one. Among pediatric patients there was mentioned an individual hypersensitivity, which resulted in allergic rush.

Indications for use

Vantin is administrated for treating uncomplicated and severe infections caused by bacteria. It can be directed for treating infections of the respiratory system, urinary tract, infections of ears and throat, skin. It might be prescribed to treat the complaints not listed in this article.


The main contraindication for taking Vantin is an allergy to cefpodoxime and other antibiotics of cephalosporin group. Warn the doctor whether you have ever experienced any allergies to penicillin, cephalosporin or other medicines. It can be necessary to know your individual hypersensitivity for eating products and chemical liquids. The specialist needs to examine the patient’s medical history and pay attention to the gastrointestinal problems. In case you have them, you might be directed for some lab tests. The treatment should last under the doctor’s supervision in any cases. Your treatment schedule and dose also might be changed according to the current condition and health in general. Vantin is not used for treating viral infections such as flu, cold, etc. Do not use the antibiotic after the end of the therapy to treat other problems

Tell the physician if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy. The antibiotic passes into the breast milk, so inform the specialist if you are breastfeeding in order to avoid doing harm to the newborns.

Where to buy?

Buy Vantin in the pharmacy using the prescription. Cefpodoxime must not be used without the doctor’s instructions. The price of Vantin ranges from 100 – 140 USD. Some online pharmacies offer special discount and delivering to your home or place of work.