Trecator-SC in Treatment Tuberculosis


The remedy is used to assist a person overcome tuberculosis. As a rule, the antituberculous treatment consists of combination of drugs. Usually Trecator-SC helps to cure from the disease being combined with other medications.



Brand(s): Trecator/ Ethionamide/ Generic Tracator.

Manufacturer: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Clinico-pharmacological group: Antitubercular.

Composition, structure and packing: round tablet of white color with “LL” sign imprinted on one side.

Basic ingredient: ethionamide.


The intake of the remedy is oral. It should be drunken with full glass of water. The Trecator-SC intake does not depend on meals (with or without) but to lessen the risk of problems with gastrointestinal organs taking with meal is better. It is better for therapy when doses are taken in a regular periods of time. The whole therapy ought to be fulfilled completely. Stop the intake only if your prescriber advises it.

If the dose is missed take it when you remember about it but do not take two doses at once or when the time for the next dose is too close.

An adult patient usually takes 500-1000 mg a day. It can be one intake a day or the dose can be divided in more intakes during the day. For children dose is counted for every child separately: 10-20 mg per one kilo (2-3 doses a day) or 15 mg per one kilo (1 dose a day).

The period of therapy can last from 18 to 24 months.


Emergency help of doctors is necessary if you suppose the dose of the medicine excessive and do not feel well.

Side effects

Symptoms about which you should inform your practitioner of medicine quite fast:

  • Skin: hives, bruising, itching, red spots (size of a pinpoint), rash, yellowing, acne.
  • Mouth: blisters, gums, ulcers, difficulty with swallowing, stomatitis.
  • Eyes: yellowing, change in vision (blurred or double), eye pain, optic neuritis.
  • digestive system: increased salivation, lasting too long pain in stomach, loss of appetite, vomiting, metallic taste, diarrhea, mild nausea, anorexia.

In addition, a person who undergoes Trecator-SC therapy might become forgetful, drowsy and dizzy, sometimes depressed. Confused mental state, psychosis and headache, unusual behavior may be caused by intake of this remedy. Sometimes faints may happen. A patient may start to feel himself/herself unusually tired and weak. There is also such side effect as postural hypotension, gynecomastia, thrombocytopenia Rarely impotence and pellagra are registered.

Hands and feet of patient may experience pain (burning) and tingle or become numb.

During therapy urine may change its color to dark one and color of stools may be like clay. Some patients have convulsions.

Other side effects are also possible.

Indications for use: tuberculosis. It is used as adjunct – together with other remedies.


One of the common contradiction to use the drug is allergy. It is not only allergic reaction on this type of medicine, its ingredients but the food, animal, etc. allergies should be taken into account.

Patients with severe liver disease cannot be treated with Trecator-SC. Special doctor consultation and peculiar therapy should be chosen for people who have problems with vision, thyroid disorder and liver disease. Those who suffer diabetes have to tell it to the doctor and check level of sugar more attentively. They as well as patients with liver disorder must be under special control of a doctor because they are more vulnerable to serious side effects.

As in-depth researches that would examine the effect of the medicine on an unborn baby and breast milk. Pregnant women or females planning the pregnancy and ones who are breast-feeding should be careful with its usage or not to tale it at all.

Your healthcare should be informed about all maladies that you have or did have once. The same is for other medications you use. It is needed because other drugs can interact with given medicine and weaken its effect or be weakened by it or cause some unpleasant side effects.

When the therapy is going on a patient should change the diet a little – exclude alcohol. Unpleasant interaction may also occur with tobacco.

Medications that are not recommended using together. Pyrazinamide and Rifampin are those remedies that can interact with Trecator-SC in a bad way. Taking one of the first medicines with the last mentioned one is able to cause or worsen side effects of using Trecator-SC. However, they can be in one therapy but only under doctor’s control and the dosage of both drugs may be changed. It is better for patient to be careful with simultaneous usage of Isoniazid and this medication too.

Where to buy?

To buy Trecator-SC you need to order online on our site if you want to get it cheap and qualitative or you can go to any drug store. On our website no prescription is required. If you do not want the quality of the drug to be spoiled storage at room temperature should be executed. The container ought to be help tightly closed. Keep it in a place where moisture, light or heat cannot spoil it.