Tinidazol: for treatment of protozoan infections

Tinidazol: for treatment of protozoan infections

Tinidazol is used for treatment of protozoan infections. It is highly active concerning protozoa and obligate anaerobe bacteria: trichomonas, amoebas, lamblia. It is active also concerning causative agents of anaerobic infections. Gets into cages of microorganisms, synthesis oppresses or damages DNA fibers. Gets through a blood-brain barrier.

Tinidazol: for treatment of protozoan infections

Tinidazol: for treatment of protozoan infections

Brand(s): TINIDAZOL, tablets

Manufacturer: Balkanfarma-Dupnitsa AD (Bulgaria), Natures Product Europe B.V. (Netherlands), Polfarm SA pharmaceutical plant (Poland), Sikomed S. A. (Romania), Starogradsky pharmaceutical plant, Poland (Poland), Farmakhim (Bulgaria)

Clinico-pharmacological group: Means for treatment of a trichomonas’s, an amebiasis and other protozoan infections

Composition, structure and packing

The tablets covered with a cover of. In planimetric cell packing of 4 pieces; in a pack cardboard 1 packing.

Basic ingredient: TINIDAZOL 500mg

Other ingredients: MKTs; polyplasdone; starch corn; magnesium stearate

The composition of the coating film: gidroksipropilmetiltsellyuloza; polysorbate 80; titan dioxide


Inside. The preparation is accepted on doctor’s orders.

Trichomoniasis, Giardiasis

Adult: 2 g of a tinidazol (4 tab. on 500 mg) 1 time per day.

To children: 50–75 mg/kg of body weight of 1 times per day.

In case of need the dose can be repeated.

Intestinal amoebiasis

Adult: 2 g of a tinidazol (4 tab. on 500 mg) 1 time per day, within 2 or 3 days.

To children: 50–60 mg/kg of body weight of 1 times per day within 3 days.

Amoebic abscess of a liver

Adult: depending on weight of an infection of 4,5-12 g of a tinidazol on a course.

Treatment is necessary to begin 1,5–2 g/days with a dose and to apply it within 3 days. In case of need to continue treatment till 6 days.

To children: 50–60 mg/kg of body weight per day within 5 days.

Treatment of the infections caused by anaerobic bacteria

Anaerobic infections: adults and children are more senior than 12 years — 2 g in the first day, then — on 1 g of 1 times or on 500 mg 2 times a day within not less than 5-6 days

Prevention of postoperative infections

Adult: 2 g of a preparation (4 tab. on 500 mg) once, for 12 h to a surgery.

For children till 12 years of a dosage aren’t defined.


cases of overdose of preparation weren’t described. Treatment: there is no specific anti-pillbox at poisoning tinidazoly, it is necessary to carry out the symptomatic and supporting treatment. Washing of a stomach can be useful, TINIDAZOL is possible to remove easily by a dialysis.

Side effects

From a gastrointestinal tract: loss of appetite, dryness of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity, metal smack in a mouth, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

From nervous system: a headache, dizziness, fatigue, an incoordination of movements (including a locomotory ataxy), a dysarthria, a peripheral neuropathy, it is rare — spasms, weakness.

Allergic reactions: urticaria, skin itch, skin rash, antineurotic hypostasis.

The other: transitory leukopenia.

Special instructions and precautionary measures:

At treatment of trichomoniasis it is necessary to carry out simultaneous treatment of both partners.

Children aren’t recommended to appoint a preparation till 12 years for treatment of an anaerobic infection.

In the course of treatment, the tinidazol is necessary to abstain from alcohol intake.

The preparation causes dark coloring of urine.

The lactating women are obliged to suspend breastfeeding (including for 3 days after cancellation).

At emergence of neurologic symptomatology reception is stopped.

Lasting course more than 7 days’ control of clinical and laboratory indicators are required.

Medicinal interaction: It is incompatible with alcohol (alcohol reaction develops: inflow, belly-aches, vomiting, tachycardia).

Influence on ability to driving of motor transport and to control of mechanisms during treatment patients should abstain from occupations by potentially dangerous kinds of activity demanding special attention and high speed of psychomotor reactions.

Indications for use: trichomonas’s;


amoebiasis and its hepatic form;

the infections caused by anaerobic bacteria, or the mixed aerobic and anaerobic infections, usually in a combination with antibiotics;

Helicobacter pylori infections accompanying stomach ulcer of a duodenum or a stomach as a part of the combined therapy;

prevention of postoperative anaerobic infections.

Contraindications: blood formation violations;

children’s age till 12 years.

Analogs of medicine Tinidazol Structural analogs on active ingredient: Vero Tinidazol; Tiniba; Tinidazol Akri; Fazizhin.

Where to buy?

You can buy TINIDAZOL both in usual and in the Internet to a drugstore, the average cost of a preparation from 26rub

It is released according to the recipe of the doctor.