Supraks: instructions for use, a description of the drug

Suprax — antibiotic

Suprax is a semi-synthetic antibiotic which is produced in order to treat urogenital system and bacterial infections of the breathing system. Its work is about fighting bacterium in human’s body. The medicine prevents appearing of protein in the bacteria’s cell. Suprax might be directed for treating other sorts of infections that can be caused by bacterium.



Brand(s): Suprax ®

Manufacturer: LUPIN

Clinico-pharmacological group:

Cephalosporin antibiotic

Composition, structure and packing:

Capsules, 200 mg, with a violet coating, containing the mixture of powder and little granules.

Basic ingredient:


Other ingredients:

silicon, crospovidone.

The composition of the coating film:

Ferric oxide, gelatin, shellac, sodium.

Basic ingredient:



Consulting with a specialist is necessary before starting using Suprax seeing that incorrect dose might lead to overdose or unwanted effects. Usually the directed dosage is 400 per day. Taking the capsule does not require any food.

For children the directed dosage is 8 mg\kg daily. Children who weigh over 45 kg or older than 12 years must be prescribed with an adult dose.

Suprax can be prescribed due to renal dysfunction. The dosage must be carefully measured by the doctor who can also correct the dosage during the therapy if necessary. Do not stop the treatment before the ending of treatment term even though you believe you get better. Fighting the bacterium in human’s body might take some long time. In case you have skipped the dose take it as quickly as you recall about that. If you take it once daily, there must be a 10- or 12-time interval before using the next dose. Suprax must be kept in a dry place protected from the sun rays. The usual period of therapy is 7-10 days of regular using.


There is unknown specific antidote for Sporanox’ overdose. If it is suspected, gastric lavage should prescribe. Seek for an emergency help if you experience one of the symptoms below:

Allergic reactions (rush, swelling, hard breathing, etc.)

Blood during the urination


Aches in the upper stomach


Side effects

Because of combining medications, the side effects cannot be identified for sure. Owing to the fact that different medications could have brought about different reactions, the most possible side effects might be:

  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in the upper stomach
  • Dyspepsia
  • Swelling
  • Frequent or absent urinating
  • Bleeding
  • Skin reactions
  • Headache
  • Stomatitis
  • Disbiosis

Increasing of blood pressure or body’s temperature

After launching the antibiotic only 2% of side effects were reported. Remember that any treatment should last under the doctor’s supervision.

Indications for use

Suprax must be used only after lab tests and thorough examining, which can prove that the problems were caused by bacterium; to avoid destroying organs’ microflora and complication of the decease there is a necessity of doctor’s supervision.

It is indicated for treatment of deceases caused by escherichia coli and proteus mirabili; Otitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis, bronchitis.

The medication can be used in case of treating complicated and severe cases. Complicated case must be treated in combined therapy. To avoid negative reactions of the body it is recommended to use probiotics while taking the medicine.

Suprax might be administrated in other cases, not described in the article.


Make sure you have consulted with a qualified specialist before starting the treatment. Any therapy has to be supervised by the physician to avoid negative reactions of your body and overcomplicating of the symptoms. You are not able to take Suprax in case you are suspected to be allergic to cefixime or other analogical antibiotics. Patients who had certain allergic reactions for penicillin might have problems concerning the correct therapy. Consult the professional about the list of medicines which negatively interact with cefixime. The specialist must check your medical history before administrating the medication. Despite the fact that cefixime is unlikely to harm fetus, tell the specialist whether you are planning a pregnancy. It is unknown if the medicine does any harm to newborn babies or comes to the breast milk so breastfeeding is not recommended while you are taking the capsules. Sucrose is an inactive ingredient of Suprax, inform your doctor if you have diabetes. In addition, it can cause high blood level of sucrose, so you should warn the doctor about taking Suprax.

Suprax must be taken carefully in case of

  • Elderly age
  • Chronical kidney failure
  • Colitis
  • Age under 6 month

Where to buy?

Suprax is offered with a discounted price. Buy the medicine in the pharmacy or order online without prescription. Some pharmacies offer delivering to your home. Do not forget to read the instruction after buying Suprax.